Welcome to the RDF Endpoint to the SALAMI (Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information) project—the culmination of collaborative work in music content analaysis between the universities of Illinois, McGill, Oxford and Queen Mary.

The overarching goal of the project is "to provide a substantive corpus of musical analyses in a common framework for use by music scholars, students and beyond." Put more practically, by harnessing semanic web technologies (in particular linked data), large scale computing infrastructures, and content analysis algorithms drawn from the Music Information Retrieval community, our aim is to provide a rich and flexible environment that others find useful for musicological analysis and discovery.

The above figure shows the musical structures to Trouble Blues by Buddy Guy. It was time-consumingly ... painstakingly crafted by a music scholar. Such work enbales fine-grained analysis and reasoning about selected musical content in isolation, but the resources needed to undertake this across the vast array of music that exists in our world is simply not viable.

To this end we have developed this RDF endpoint as a gateway to the assembled music content and the automated analysis computed we have so far. Through this page you can access RDF data to a corpus of X million songs. The RDF data is available in both static form, and dynamically through a SPARQL endpoint.

How to interact with the data

There are two key ways to access the data: through our interactive web interface; or else connect directly to our enpoint: http://nema.lis.illinois.edu/salamiEndpoint/4store/sparql/.